4. Use or Provide Reusable Bags


Did you know, single-use plastic bags are used on average for just 12 minutes? They are also extremely difficult to recycle, and often cause problems at material recovery facilities (MRFs). Untangling plastic bags from machinery is not only time consuming, but it puts employees in dangerous positions. Plastic bags are a common scourge on the environment; we see them stuck in the branches of trees, blowing in the dunes across beaches, and floating on waterways before making their way to the ocean floor, where they are often confused for food by marine life. For these reasons, municipalities, states and even entire countries have started to ban single-use plastic bags. Reusable bags provide a solution to this problem and your event can do its part to make an impact.


  • Use reusable bags while provisioning for your event. Take them with you while shopping for food and supplies.
  • Provide reusable bags to competitors to hold event documents, lunches or anything else that might typically come in a plastic bag.
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