Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen is a local Newport, Rhode Island nautical photographer.  He specializes in stock, assignment, and fine art photography for; corporate and private clients, regattas, yachtclubs, associations, and all the boating editorials.  The maritime lifestyle provides the perfect studio for Matthew to capture what he does best with the camera. He takes his Canon professional digital cameras and lenses to the ends of wave breaking bowsprits, tops of massive masts, and even higher in helicopters in order to bring you rare and exquisite photos for years of admiration.  Matthew has resided in 13 different locations near various bodies of water, traveled to many world locations, and has been living in one of the yachting capitols of the world for almost 20 years.

From sailing in dinghies as a child, racing with one the top 5 college teams in the country at Roger Williams University, spending 12 years instructing at Sail Newport, working for many yacht owners and captains over the years, logging 2 Atlantic Ocean crossings and close to 30 deliveries to the Caribbean,  Matthew is a well seasoned professional sailor.  He plans to acquire his 100 Ton Offshore Master’s Captain’s license in fall 2015.

When he is not shooting, Matthew is racing and coaching assorted sailboats around bay buoys, delivering yachts offshore, and even land sailing in beach parking lots.  When asked what motivates him to rise before the break of dawn in the Caribbean, dangle from the top of a 100’ mast, or endure frigid winter sailing, he replies, “It’s all about pushing myself to achieve progressive accomplishments, and at the same time loving what I do.”

Matthew’s work is printed on covers and inside all of the nautical magazines, decorating many major corporate offices, sold in various retail stores, floating all over the internet and press releases. Matthew also teaches a great 1-on-1 Photo Works Shop!

He invites you to explore his highly visited website: