Assemble a Green Team

WesMex Regatta
Having an effective Green Team should be the first thing you consider when hosting a Clean Regatta.

This team should be made up of event staff, volunteers, and/or regatta participants. Putting together a reliable Green Team will ensure that your Clean Regatta runs smoothly and will relieve much of the burden from your workload.

Green Team “duties” vary depending on what Best Practices are being implemented, but some examples include:

  • Overseeing implementation of Clean Regattas Best Practices
  • Communicating the goals and mission of the Clean Regatta to participants and media
  • Maintaining trash and recycling stations (emptying bins and separating trash)
  • Managing water filling stations and handing out reusable water bottles
  • Organizing beach cleanups or other conservation activities

There are several ways to organize and recruit a Green Team:

  • Check to see if your club or organization has an established volunteer list
  • Partner with local environmental groups and other nonprofits in your area
  • Utilize schools, youth programs, and websites such as

To fulfill this Best Practice do at least one of the following:

  • Invite the community to help with the sustainability challenge.
  • Create a dedicated team of volunteers/staff to assist liaison with running a Clean Regatta.
  • Identify and recognize your Green Team to participants. 


* Required for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certifications *