In the classic “three R’s”, “recycling” comes third after “reduce” and “reuse."

Much of the philosophy of Clean Regattas is to reduce your waste as much as possible and when that can’t be done, to reuse it. But we can’t leave out recycling – we can’t stress how important recycling is!

It’s time to take a stand against the reckless disposal of resources that could be utilized in far better ways. Make sure that the amount of waste you generate is at least equal to the amount you recycle. Shoot for Zero Waste if you can. To boost your recycling numbers, consider giving specially marked “recycling bags” to all boats associated with your event. 

To fulfill this Best Practice do at least one of the following:

  • Ensure 1:1 ratio of Landfill to Recycling bins.
  • Divert 50% of all waste from landfill (50% Recycled, 50% Landfill).
  • Hand out recycling bags to competitors for on the water.

* Required for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certifications *