Regatta Awards

Regatta trophies can be very energy-intensive to create and often end up sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere.

Reduce the waste generated by your event by using recycled materials for regatta trophies, or giving out practical gear as regatta awards. When choosing your trophies, make sure they are made of recycled or reclaimed wood, metal, glass or other materials. Most companies will offer this option. Another possibility is to enlist a local artist (perhaps a member of your club or organization) to design and create your regatta trophies out of recycled or reclaimed materials. Alternatively, give out practical awards such as sunglasses, watches or other gear.

Extra Credit

Make your regatta waste stream a closed loop and recycle materials from the previous year's events into the next year's trophies. A great example of this is the BVI Spring Regatta's glass recycling program. Beer bottles from the regatta are crushed and then blown into beautiful trophies used at the next year's event.

To fulfill this Best Practice do at least one of the following:

  • Create or use a perpetual trophy.
  • Award gear or usable items as trophies.
  • Use sustainably sourced or upcycled items in the trophy creation process.