Trash Free Regatta

Keep your site clean!

Alert your volunteers (or Green Team) to be on the lookout for wrappers, tape, and the dreaded single-use water bottle that always seems to be lurking around the corner. Make sure that you have enough trash cans onsite and that they’re marked visibly with proper signage. At your skippers’ meeting, remind sailors about Rule 55 and the implications.

What is Rule 55? According to the 2013-2016 edition of The Racing Rules of Sailing provided by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), Rule 55 states: A competitor shall not intentionally put trash in the water.

This rule on environmental responsibility has come into question numerous times since its inception, predominantly because of the use of spinnaker sail stops (broken bits of rubber bands or wool to contain the spinnaker during hoist). Many regattas include an “exception” to Rule 55 allowing competitors to knowingly discharge trash into the water. Do your part for the ocean and make sure that Rule 55 is upheld to the highest degree.

To fulfill this Best Practice do at least one of the following:

  • Have Green Team and participants monitor event site and remove litter.
  • DO NOT alter Rule 55 (Trash Disposal) from the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and remind sailors of this rule at skippers’ meeting.
  • Organize a beach or boatyard cleanup with volunteers and/or participants. 

* Required for Gold Certification *