Best Practices

25 steps to make your water-based event a Clean Regatta.

As regatta organizer, you can request all participants limit their impact on local water quality by using “water only washdowns” (“WOW!”) at the end of racing. 

Nearly 85 percent of the 29 million gallons of petroleum that enter North American ocean waters each year as a result of human activities comes from land-based runoff, polluted rivers, airplanes, small boats and jet skis.

Hull scrubbing can lead to the build up of toxic chemicals in your local waters as well as the potential introduction of invasive species. 

Lightweight, fuel-efficient rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) use carbon fiber and weigh a third of the weight of a normal RIB, while using only 20 percent of the fuel. 

Healthy oceans means healthy marine wildlife – we cannot have one without the other.