Reduce Your Impact

Renewable Energy

Sun, wind and water – all things we love as boaters – can also be a source of energy to help power our boats. Discover which technologies work best for your vessel. 

Reduce Fuel Usage

How you maintain and drive your vessel has a large of effect on how much fuel you use – and how much money you can save! 


This renewable, non-toxic, clean-burning fuel can be a great alternative to conventional diesel – and requires very few (if any) modifications for switching over. 

Outboard Engines

Outboard engines have come a long way – learn about types motors that are both clean and cost effective to operate.  

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) produced directly or indirectly by our activities and lifestyle. Learn how to calculate your boat's carbon footprint, and ways to reduce and/or offset your impact.

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