Clean Regattas

The world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events.

Over 800 regattas, gams, rallies and cruises have registered as Clean Regattas. One part education, two parts activation, the program unites and mobilizes sailors by offering support and resources to help conserve and protect the ocean. Whether it involves sailing, rowing or solar power – if you are hosting an event on the water this program is for you!

The backbone of every successful Clean Regatta comes from a strong sustainability plan. Follow these steps to create yours today:

  1. Review the Clean Regattas Best Practices
    Download the Clean Regattas Checklist to review the Best Practices and decide which ideas your regatta will implement. For inspiration check out the Clean Regatta Case Studies.

  2. Register your event as a Clean Regatta 
    Make your commitment known to Sailors for the Sea. After registering you will receive the Clean Regattas Toolkit which includes resources on how to implement the program as well as promotional materials to help spread the word to your audience.

  3. Assign a Clean Regattas Liaison
    The liaison communicates with Sailors for the Sea, coordinates the program with regatta staff and educates regatta participants about your sustainability efforts.

  4. Publicize your commitment
    Share your commitment to Clean Regattas on your organization's home page, in your Notice of Race and in communications to race participants.

  5. Collect Metrics
    While you run your event, monitor your Clean Regattas efforts and adapt as needed. Collect as many metrics as possible using the suggestions in the toolkit.

  6. Get Certified
    Fill out the online certification form to get your official Clean Regattas certification. Regattas that wish to be certified at the Bronze, Silver or Gold Level must engage in a minimum number of Best Practices at each level (7 for Bronze, 13 for Silver, 19 for Gold.)