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16. Increase Awareness of Wildlife and Habitat Protection


One of the many joys of sailing involves being able to see marine wildlife while on the water and enjoy nature. However, boaters must learn about and take precautions to avoid harmful encounters with marine mammals, transporting invasive species or destroying coral reefs while anchoring. Integrating key marine wildlife and habitat protection information into your event mitigates potential incidents.


  • Before your event, research what types of marine wildlife may be in or near your local waterways. Remember, some species are migratory and may only be present certain times of the year. Determine how your event could impact wildlife and provide information to participants.
  • If your event is hosted in an area concerned about invasive species, educate your participants about the proper way to clean boats prior to entering a new body of water.
  • If boats will anchor during or after the event, provide guidance on proper anchoring techniques, such as not anchoring in sensitive habitats including seagrass beds or coral reefs.
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