2. Eliminate Plastic Straws - Sailors for the Sea

2. Eliminate Plastic Straws


The 2020 International Coastal Cleanup Report notes that straws and stirrers were the fifth most collected item from beach clean-ups around the world. While some may see plastic straw bans as not doing enough in the fight against plastic pollution, straws are the epitome of a throw-away lifestyle and can have deadly impacts on wildlife. Plastic straws are only used for a short period of time, yet they are created from a material that is meant to last forever. Additionally, plastic straws are not recyclable. They often make their way into the water and, unfortunately, sometimes into the noses of sea turtles and the stomachs of seabirds.


  • Don’t offer plastic straws. Make sure you communicate this goal to any event partners.
  • Provide straws made from materials other than plastic (beware of bioplastic!). We’ve seen some unique solutions including metal, paper, hay, even pasta!
  • Register your event and download the Clean Regattas Toolkit for more information!

If you would like to share how you’ve achieved this Best Practice, please share your solution below! If you’re looking for help on this topic, you can use this forum to ask your question to our community of Clean Regatta Organizers.

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