20. Encourage Green Boating Practices - Sailors for the Sea

20. Encourage Green Boating Practices


Green Boating looks different depending on what type of vessel you are on. Committee boats, participant race boats, and recreational boats should all be encouraged to learn about the ways they can reduce their environmental impact and follow Green Boating principles. As a race organizer, you can facilitate this by doing any of the following:


  • Encourage participants to make a pledge to become a Sailors for the Sea Green Boater by sharing this link in race communications: www.sailorsforthesea.org/greenboater. Every Green Boater will receive a free, digital Green Boating Guide with tips on how to boat in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Require anchored boats on the course to turn off engines instead of idling.
  • Recycle, reuse or properly dispose of old sails/parts/boats.
  • Register your event and download the Clean Regattas Toolkit for more information!

If you would like to share how you’ve achieved this Best Practice, please share your solution below! If you’re looking for help on this topic, you can use this forum to ask your question to our community of Clean Regatta Organizers.

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