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4. Skip Bags or Go Reusable


Between shopping, skippers’ bags, lunches, and other giveaways, you can end up with a lot ofcontainers at your event that are ultimately headed for landfill. Choosing reusable options oravoiding bags and other containers altogether can reduce waste. Did you know that single-useplastic bags are only used for a few minutes on average? They are extremely difficult to recycle,and often cause problems at material recovery facilities. Plastic bags are a common scourge onthe environment; we see them everywhere, and they are often confused for food by marinelife. For these reasons, municipalities, states, and even entire countries have started to bansingle-use plastic bags. Solve this single-use problem by going reusable or skipping bags andcontainers altogether.


  • Reevaluate whether you need to package materials in bags or other containers at all.Consider whether your attendees already have many tote bags and, if so, avoid bagsaltogether or deliver supplies in containers participants return at the end of the event.
  • Use reusable bags while provisioning for your event. Take them with you while shopping for food and supplies.
  • Provide reusable bags to competitors to hold event documents, lunches or anything else that might typically come in a plastic bag.
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