5. Award Practical Items or Use a Perpetual or Upcycled Trophy


Trophies signify achievement and memorialize an experience. Materials used to create awards and trophies should be thoughtfully considered to ensure the principles of the Clean Regatta program are reinforced for years to come.


  • Source trophies created with upcycled materials.
  • Award something utilitarian, such as gear: spray tops, life jackets, sunglasses, hats, reusable bags, etc. Or award something educational, like knot-tying boards for kids!
  • Make a trophy coupon system, where competitors can choose their prize.
  • Register your event and download the Clean Regattas Toolkit for more information!

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Upcycled trophies can have sentimental value - including elements special to the event or a specific person that are meaningful. And, by using materials that are already on hand - a big bonus!