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3 Amazing New Clean Regatta Initiatives

 June 30, 2017  | By: Oceana

Now in its 11th year, we’re proud to say that Clean Regattas is officially an award-winning program. On June 28th, the Green Sports Alliance named Sailors for the Sea an Environmental Innovator of the Year for our work with the Clean Regattas program. This would not have been possible without the amazing sailing community and the thousands of volunteers that have brought the Clean Regattas program to life over the past ten years.

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“Our oceans are linked to everything from climate influence to health and wellness. Ocean health is critical for our planet and sailors are one of the most affected groups working to protect and conserve. Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regattas certification program educates sailors and spectators to make a positive environmental impact on the world’s oceans. The Green Sports Alliance is proud to award this organization and program with our 2017 Environmental Innovator of the Year Award for making a lasting impact at over 1,097 sailing events and engaging more than 397,000 individuals in sustainability efforts and educational programs.” – Justin Zeulner, Executive Director, Green Sports Alliance.

Check out these creative sustainability initiatives from Clean Regattas around the world!

Foiling Week has developed a new conservation initiative encouraging sailors to use sustainable transportation. To encourage sailors to carpool and use bikes they are offered a €50 entry fee discount with proof of carpooling to the event – and participants got to use a BMW Cruise Ebike while at the regatta!

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The Extreme Sailing Series Act 3 in the Madeira Islands teamed up with Sailors for the Sea Portugal to run the event as a Clean Regatta. The Sailors for the Sea team was there to educate sailors and event staff on ways that they can become more sustainable, particularly on how different materials impact the environment.

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Educating sailors about different materials impact on the environment. Photo credit: @extremesailing

Block Island Race Week achieved Gold Level Clean Regattas certification for the first time! To keep the Great Salt Pond clean, boats exited the harbor and hooked up to temporary moorings to get their bottoms cleaned by local divers. This way any debris removed would not be stuck in the in shallow, isolated waters of the salt pond, where it would have a much larger impact on the ecosystem.

block island race week, moorings, cleaning boat bottom

Coming up next – stay tuned for reports on our two Platinum Level Clean Regattas this season, the Vineyard Cup and Secor Volvo Fishers Island Sound Race.