Back to School - Sailors for the Sea

Back to School

 September 7, 2017  | By: Oceana

Are you looking for free, educational activities for your students? Try our KELP (Kids Environmental Lesson Plans) program. With minimal preparation and simple materials (that you can usually find at home or in a grocery store), KELP activities are a great supplement to STEM curriculum.

As students are learning to adapt to being back in school – here are some of our favorites on how marine creatures adapt to their own environment.

1. Drying Out on a Rocky Shore

Sea creatures living on the rocky shoreline have learned how to survive the extreme conditions between the tide marks. With simple materials, students will mimic different adaptations to determine how creatures protect themselves from drying out during low-tide.

rocky shoreline, intertidal

2. How to Hide in the Ocean

Fish and other sea creatures have adapted to hide in their surroundings. For this activity, students will create their own fish and test how well they can camouflage in the classroom or outside.

marine science, camouflage, fish

3. Hermit Crab Game

Do your students need to move around a little more? Check out this fun game that is similar to “musical chairs.” Students will learn about hermit crabs and the challenges they face when they need to find a new shell to live in.

hermit crab, shell

For more free games and activities, register to download KELP here