Blue Ribbon Panel Report - Sailors for the Sea

Blue Ribbon Panel Report

 October 16, 2013  | By: Oceana

A unique panel of business, government, conservation and academic leaders was convened by the World Bank to advise the Global Partnership for Oceans and form the Blue Ribbon Panel, which includes 21 global experts from 16 countries. Their report, released today emphasizes that without action to turn around the declining health of the ocean, the consequences for economies, communities and ecosystems will be irreversible. 

Henry Demone, panel member and CEO of High Liner Foods Inc. noted, “The number of middle class consumers is going to go from 1.8 billion to 4 billion and this is going to place enormous pressures on the food supply, both the marine food supply and the land-­‐based food supply. It’s going to be very important that we begin to use the oceans sustainably so that it can continue to be part of a healthy planet for future generations.” 

For an overview of the report, watch the video below, for more information and the full report visit: