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5 ways to boat green this summer!

 July 18, 2016  | By: Oceana


1. Anchor With Care
The best part of having a boat in the summer is escaping to somewhere new! That often comes with the sometimes scary task of anchoring in an unknown location. But with proper technique and a little preemptive chart study, you can learn how to prevent damage to the beautiful harbor that you are visiting! Read our anchoring tips>>

spill proof fueling

2. Fail-proof Fueling
The National Academy of Sciences found that 85% of petroleum that enters North American waters each year is a result of human activities including land-based runoff, airplanes and recreational boats. The fact is that filling up our tanks is the time when we will most likely unintentionally pollute our waters. So we worked hard to provide plenty of information on why spills may happen and how to prevent them. Get started with: Spillproof fueling.

non-toxic cleaning products

3. Go Non-toxic
Deciding which cleaning product to use on your vessel can be daunting. Combine that with the fact that companies are not required to properly label their products, makes finding a cleaner that is truly green and safe for your health extra difficult. But we did some serious digging for you to find some highly-ranked, non-toxic cleaning products that actually work! Check them out >>

invasive species prevention

4. Avoid Aquatic Aliens
 As boaters we can easily take simple precautions to prevent non-native plants and animals from spreading and causing harm to new habitats and native species. Step 1, learn what an invasive species is: Invasives 101

boating near marine wildlife

5. Boating With Wildlife
Whether your lake is home to just small birds or you spend everyday near a whale sanctuary knowing how to boat near marine wildlife will ensure that you have a memorable experience without disturbing the wildlife. Most importantly, limit your viewing time to no more than 30 minutes. You may not be the only boat during the day to view the same animal and being watched can be stressful. Learn more>>

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