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Fuel Spill Training

 April 9, 2014  | By: Oceana

As the summer boating season approaches, marinas, boat yards and sailing clubs are hiring new staff. With the addition of seasonal employees, often high school or college students, more inexperienced people are responsible for refueling boats. 

Thanks to the BoatUS Foundation seasonal employees can now be trained for free on proper spill prevention and response. The online course covers spill prevention, planning and response with videos, and interactive exercises as the teaching tools. All of these materials are online and can be accessed anytime at: BoatUS.org/spill-prevention.

The course has been created to minimize risk and teach simple steps to protect yourself, the environment and your marina.  Check out the course preview in the video below. We think this could be a great resource for training new race committee members and summer sailing instructors!