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American Samoa protects sharks & reef fish

 November 30, 2012  | By: Oceana

We could not find “all sharks likely to be found in America Samoa” but here is one of our favorites, the Galapagos Shark!
Giant Grouper
Bumphead Parrotfish
Humphead Wrasse

Although we are a bit late to celebrate… we are very excited about new regulations passed in American Samoa protecting a number of marine species! The law too effect on November 11th – and it is now illegal to catch or even possess any species of shark!

The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources has promulgated new regulations protecting these rare marine species. American Samoa has also acted to protect three species of large coral reef fish and it is now illegal to catch or even possess the species listed and pictured below:

1. Humphead Wrasse

2. Bumphead Parrotfish

3. Giant Grouper; or

4. any species of shark anywhere in the territory or territorial waters. Territorial waters extend 3 nautical miles from the shoreline. All sizes and ages and any parts are fully protected, at all times, everywhere in the territory (That means shark fins are banned!). These regulations are the most powerful protection for sharks in the USA, and provide the only protection for the other three reef fish within the USA, except for where all fish are protected.