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Happy Earth Day!

 April 21, 2015  | By: Oceana

One Planet One Ocean One Pledge

Or rather, happy blue planet day, since 71% of it is water. Whether you boat, dive, fish, snorkel, surf or swim – one thing is for certain, as a lover of the ocean, you won’t want to wait another minute before taking the No Trash. No Trail. No Trace (NT3) Pledge.

Here’s the deal. The ocean is in trouble because of ocean acidification.

It’s crazy what’s happening. The ocean’s chemistry is changing as a result of emissions from all the gas, coal-powered electricity and petroleum-based products we use. So reefs are dying and shells of sea creatures aren’t forming like they used to.

That’s where you come in. Who better to let the world know that ocean acidification is the ocean’s number one environmental threat than those of us who love it? 

Take the pledge now!

It’s true we humans are the problem. But it’s also true that we’re the solution. Help spread the word to all the water enthusiasts in our community—that’s 12 million boaters in the United States alone. Imagine if just 10% took the NT3 Pledge…that’s 1.2 million people.

We’re the ripple that can create real change. Right here. Right now. And for generations to come.

Take the NT3 pledge and begin living a fun, powerful low-carbon lifestyle. Not sure how to do that? No worries, once you take the pledge we will share creative, cool ways for you to help turn the tide now.

We know you’re as passionate about the ocean as we are—so what are you waiting for? Take the No Trash. No Trail. No Trace. (NT3) Pledge and prove you’re worth your salt.

The crew at Sailors for the Sea

P.S. Share the pledge with your crew and ask them to reduce their carbon footprint. After all it’s going to take the whole fleet to create a wave.