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Eco-Smart Motoryachts

 April 10, 2017  | By: Oceana

Whether you like to explore your coastline by power or sail, we all have a responsibility and capability to protect our waterways – and the first step begins with your boat’s design.

Bob Johnstone and his company MJM Yachts have done just that. With an acronym honoring his wife of 46 years (“Mary Johnstone’s Motorboat”) when founded in 2002, the company is dedicated to protecting the environment by building innovative, lightweight, high-performing motoryachts.

What makes MJM Yachts eco-smart?

1. Boat Design – One of the reasons MJM Yachts are so efficient is the shape of the hull. Designer Doug Zurn created a slender, modified deep-V hull with 3.5:1 waterline length-to-beam ratio. An MJM slices through the waves with lifting strakes and chine flats that redirect wave energy direct out and downward – making a fast narrow boat more stable and seaworthy than a wider boat, whose form stability takes the shape of rolling waves. This greatly reduces drag through the water, meaning less horsepower and fuel needed for every mile traveled. In fact, the MJM 40z and 50z are the only boats in class ISO Certified Category A Ocean for seaworthiness.

2. Manufacturing – Instead of the more commonly used polyester/vinylester resin laminates, MJM Yachts are built by Boston BoatWorks of a more costly wet pre-preg, post cured epoxy, Kevlar and Corecell composite technology. MJMs are lighter, stronger and more durable. Furthermore, epoxy resin eliminates the release of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This makes the process of building MJMs significantly less toxic to humans and the environment.

3. Engine Efficiency – Once you’re out of the shipyard and on the water, an MJM owner’s environmental impact, their carbon footprint, is primarily related to the amount of fuel being burned. At a given cruising speed, MJM’s burn anywhere from 50% to 75% of other boats in class, not to mention less trips to the fuel dock. 

In line with their green mission and commitment to protect our waterways, MJM Yachts is the sponsor of our Green Boating Guide. Their founder and CEO, Bob Johnstone is also on our advisory council. For easy tips on how to boat green, download our full interactive guide!