Mission of Mermaids - Sailors for the Sea

Mission of Mermaids

 March 19, 2012  | By: Oceana

Mission of Mermaids – A love letter to the ocean – debuted this past week at the Environmental Film Fest and the Hong Kong – San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. This short film celebrates director Susan Rockefeller’s relationship with the ocean. It’s both a poetic ode to the seas and a plea for their protection.

Mission of Mermaids evokes the archetype of the mermaid, a mythical creature that embodies the ocean’s enduring mystery. The film honors the women and men who live from and for the seas—artists, activists, performers, divers, fishermen, and sailors. And all of us who have dreamed on beaches, reveled in the ocean’s waters, or nourished ourselves in her depths.

Take action to protect the oceans and all that dwells within them before it’s too late! Follow Mission of Mermaids on their Facebook and Twitter pages for more information about the film.