America's Cup Press Conference - Sailors for the Sea

America’s Cup Press Conference

 August 14, 2013  | By: Oceana

Over the course of the last two years, Sailors for the Sea has worked closely with the ACEA to expand our Clean Regattas program. Most notably adding a Platinum Level and creating a more stringent, comprehensive evaluation system that covers large events and ties evaluation directly back to metrics.

What does this mean? 

The comprehensive Clean Regattas checklist used for America’s Cup events allows for a possible 84 points with equal focus of reducing the impact of the event on land and on the water.

Highlights of this plan include:

Recycling and composting: The waste management plan achieved a 98% land fill diversion rate in last fall’s events – laying the groundwork to reach similar numbers this summer.

Plastic reduction: The largest sporting event in the world to eliminate single-use plastic bottles.

Oil Spill Prevention: Putting in place spill kits and procedures that follow stringent fueling practices, and the addition of education for drivers about fuel saving driving techniques and fuel efficient motor boats that can reduce emission and fuel usage.

Water only wash downs: America’s Cup Race Management uses microfiber mitts on all race committee boats to eliminate the use of boat soap.

Additional categories include: energy and fuel, sustainable food, eco-friendly paper and signage, runoff reduction, preventing discharge, using non-toxic cleaning products and engaging the public on environmental issues.

Sailors for the Sea has instituted an independent review panel of four to determine final certification level. This group, with local sailing and environmental expertise, will review the metrics and other results of the summer and determine a final certification level at the end of racing. We look forward to releasing the results! Click here to learn more about the Clean Regattas program.

Dan Pingaro, Sailors for the Sea CEO and executive director, answers questsions from the press.