Thank you for a successful year - Sailors for the Sea

Thank you for a successful year

 December 10, 2014  | By: Oceana

our programs dive deep your dollars help turn the tide

This year Sailors for the Sea celebrated a decade of working to protect our ocean. During this time we have been inspired by the boating community’s passion for ocean conservation and mission to protect the waters they love!
While the ocean continues to be plagued by many issues such as acidification, plastic waste, climate change and toxic chemicals – we are here to send a vibrant message of hope and empowerment!

In the past ten years this ocean-loving community has:

  • Voluntarily reduced environmental impact, plastic waste and the carbon footprint of over 650 events with Clean Regattas – the only sustainability certification program for water-based events in the world.
  • Educated and activated 64,000 students with our marine education lesson plans, building the next generation of ocean enthusiasts.
  • Empowered 90,000 readers to take action with Ocean Watch, our monthly periodical that translates the language of marine science into timely and fascinating articles.
  • Collectively we reached over two million people every month by sharing, re-tweeting and just plain, old-fashioned talking with others about our message of hope and empowerment!

You are an important part of this community – and with your support we can make 2015 an even better year for the ocean!


together we are navigating the way towards ocean health

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