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Green Boaters Unite!

 August 29, 2019  | By: Oceana

Green Boating Guide Launch Update

First off, we would like to thank all of our supporters who have signed up to become a Green Boater since the launch of our Green Boating Initiative on World Oceans Day this past June. We are happy to report that we have received overwhelmingly positive responses from ocean enthusiasts who have signed up to be a part of the Green Boating Community. For those of you who haven’t signed up to become a Green Boater yet (and we highly recommend that you do) you will receive a free, downloadable Green Boating Guide that covers 26 ocean health topics and offers tips and tricks about how individuals can take action to become protectors of our beloved seas. These topics range from pollution prevention to eco-friendly products and nearly everything in between. In a recent interview with American Sailing Association, they humbled us with their praise noting, “Wow, [Sailors for the Sea] thought of everything. It’s so visual, fact-checked, and simply stated. Every boat should have a copy.”

However, something was missing. During our travels to different Clean Regattas around New England this summer, we had the opportunity to speak with many of you, furthering conversations around green boating. One of the main takeaways from these conversations was the need for a space where this growing Green Boating community could connect with each other.

In addition to our conversations with sailors and boaters at local Clean Regattas, we also took some time to comb through responses from global Clean Regatta organizers who answered our question of, “How can we improve the Clean Regatta program and user interactions?”. Their response echoed the need for a better way to connect. The top request, mentioned in almost 30% of responses, was the need for a space where organizers can share ideas and ask for advice on how to tackle some of the Best Practices when hosting a Clean Regatta.

Sailors for the Sea understood this need for individuals to be able to connect more with others working toward the same goal of improving their environmental footprint. We are excited to announce our answer!

Introducing the Green Boater Facebook Group

The idea of a Facebook Group really resonated with us, as we often receive emails from organizers asking how to tackle some of the trickier Best Practices, you know, the nitty-gritty details that push the event to the next level. The best answers we’ve been able to provide come directly from previous Clean Regatta organizers that have successfully overcame these kinds of challenges. One example that comes to mind is a request for advice on how to eliminate single-use bags for lunch sandwiches during a youth regatta. We happily pointed them to Corpus Christi Yacht Club’s method for tackling the same issue, which consisted of offering reusable, insulated lunch bags to all sailors. We also mentioned Charleston Race Week’s method of reusing zip-lock bags multiple times. We realize there are probably dozens of more ways Clean Regatta organizers have eliminated single-use plastic bags, and what better way to share these ideas and more like it than through a Green Boater Facebook Group.

By creating this all-encompassing group for Clean Regatta Organizers, Green Boaters, and KELP Facilitators alike, we hope to bring together a larger community of boaters who have tackled issues like eliminating single-use plastic bags, and can share their experiences on how to do so under varying constraints and circumstances.

This Green Boater Facebook group aims to unite all boaters, both sailors and motorists, in helping them make informed decisions about how they can go green, both on and off the water. We invite you to join this group with the goal of fostering a caring community where new-comers and seasoned champions of the sea can ask others what they are doing to make their sailing or other water-based events as clean as possible. We hope this becomes a resource where all eco-conscious boaters can host fruitful discussions and make a positive impact for our seas.

Global Programs at a Glance

In addition to the Green Boater Facebook Page, we also created an interactive map, which shows where each of the Sailors for the Sea programs are being used around the world. Whether you are looking to host a Clean Regatta or are curious if you can source local help from nearby clubs, this map is a great visual for displaying the network of ocean advocates on a global scale. As the program expands, we will also begin to map Green Boaters, showing how the program is growing and help fellow Green Boaters connect with like-minded community members.