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Repurpose Gear

Join our Green Boating Community Whether you are a competitive racer or enjoy boating recreationally, there are a lot of different types of gear that you will use while boating, including life jackets, wetsuits, foul weather gear, gloves and ropes. What do you do with gear that has been outgrown or has reached its end … Read more

Waste Reduction

marine debris

Join Our Green Boating Community Plastic pollution is one of the largest threats facing our oceans. Plastics are used in an enormous and expanding range of products due to their relatively low cost and versatility. Most are petroleum-based plastic, a product designed to last forever. They pose an ever-increasing problem to aquatic environments, as they don’t … Read more

Spillproof Fueling

fuel dock

Join our Green Boating Community Filling up our tanks is the most common way that we unintentionally pollute our waters – even a tiny spill is toxic to our waterways, harming both animals and plants. The cost to prevent a fuel spill is significantly less than the cost to clean it up; so a little … Read more



Join Our Green Boating Community Graywater is the untreated water from your onboard sinks, showers, washing machine, dishwasher and the wastewater from cleaning your boat with detergents, soaps and bleaches. It’s a major polluter of the marine environment, especially in ports and coastal areas. In some states, graywater is considered sewage and regulated as such, … Read more

Oils & Fuel Spills

oil sheen

Join our Green Boating Community What steps should you take if you spill fuel or oil into the water? 1. First identify the cause and source of the spill and if possible, stop the source immediately.  2. Notify the marina or fuel dock (if applicable), as they should have oil absorbent pads and booms to … Read more



Join Our Green Boating Community What is blackwater and how does it affect aquatic environments? Sewage discharge (also known as blackwater) contains pollutants including nutrients, metals, toxins and pathogens. Blackwater discharged from your boat can impair water quality, negatively affect aquatic ecosystems and increase risks to human health.  The law Under federal law, it is … Read more