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Prop Scar Prevention


Join our Green Boating Community Healthy seagrass beds have a wide range of positive impacts for our waterways. The dense underwater meadows provide spawning and nursery habitats, areas of refuge, and feeding grounds for many fish and invertebrates. Marine animals, including green sea turtles and manatees, rely on seagrass for sustenance. Seagrasses enhance water quality … Read more

Green Fishing


Join Our Green Boating Community Most anglers observe responsible fishing practices to lessen the impact on fish populations and to ensure that they are protected for the future. The following are a few recommendations to help protect the aquatic environment and its inhabitants: Check your local rules.  Learn about the local fish species size and … Read more

Invasive Species Prevention

invasive species

Join Our Green Boating Community Aquatic invasive species (also called exotic or non-native) are plants and animals that invade an ecosystem where they don’t belong. If the invasive species has no natural predators in its new environment, its population can grow unchecked. Their abundance causes damage as they can consume native species, compete for food and space, … Read more

Boating Near Marine Wildlife


Join Our Green Boating Community One of the many joys of boating is being able to see marine wildlife. However, encounters with boats can be dangerous or deadly for these beautiful creatures, and sometime hazardous for the boat too! Before you go out boating research what types of marine wildlife may be living in or … Read more



Join Our Green Boating Community Determining the best places to anchor and cruise can be challenging without the proper navigational resources. Electronic charts are digital versions of the traditional government-issued paper charts (many boaters still carry these as back ups). For boats smaller than 40-50’ it’s recommended to use a waterproof chartplotter. You’ll have to … Read more