Ages 6 to 9 Archives - Sailors for the Sea

Build Otto the Sea Otter

Students will create a sea otter puppet and act out how this species is essential to kelp forest habitats.

Hermit Crab Game

Through musical chairs, learn about hermit crabs and the challenges they face when they need to find a new shell home.

Whale of a View

With small mirrors and a paper towel tube, students build monoculars to view their surroundings from the perspective of a whale.

Whale Feeding

An activity that demonstrates how baleen whales, such as Right Whales, use skim feeding to capture their prey.

Whale Blubber

Students create a “blubber glove” to mimic the importance of blubber to whales living in frigid water.

Hooked on Conservation

A creative game that shows the effects of longline fishing on the health of the ocean ecosystem.