Ages 9 to 12 Archives - Sailors for the Sea

Beach in a Pan

Students construct a beach in a pan and investigate the effects of wind and waves on beach shape

Beach Contamination

Students are challenged to find and remove a baking soda contaminant from a container filled with damp sand.

Drying Out on the Rocky Shore

A hands on activity that illustrates how marine creatures have adapted to survive the extreme conditions between the rocky shoreline tide marks

Osteoporosis of the Sea

An interactive activity demonstrating the effects of ocean acidification on shelled marine organisms, the ocean food web and to humans.

Seasonality in the Ocean

Students figure out what season it is based on maps of sea surface temperature and phytoplankton growth. 

Plastic Beach

Students carry out a beach transect, learning about the prevalence and sources of plastic pollution in the oceans. 

A Story of Sand

A hands on activity that illustrates the different sources of sand including biological, geological and man-made.

Dirty Water Challenge

Students learn about the water cycle and the principles of filtering water by building and testing their own filters.