Yes Archives - Sailors for the Sea

Oil Spill Cleanup

Students will simulate an oil spill and mimic different methods and materials to try to clean up the pollution in the ocean.

Build Otto the Sea Otter

Students will create a sea otter puppet and act out how this species is essential to kelp forest habitats.

Salty Ocean

Students will learn why the ocean is salty and visualize why it’s easier to float in seawater than in freshwater.

How Long Till It’s Gone?

Discover how long it takes for different materials to degrade by putting items (i.e. orange peel, plastic straw) along a timeline. 

Coastal Matching

Learn about what is found in your coastal environment with this fun matching game.

Beach in a Pan

Students construct a beach in a pan and investigate the effects of wind and waves on beach shape

Beach Contamination

Students are challenged to find and remove a baking soda contaminant from a container filled with damp sand.

Ooey Gooey Animal Guts

Students identify what kind of consumer their marine animal is by examining the prey items they find in a Jell-O filled “stomach”.