Waterway Archives - Sailors for the Sea

Become a Naturalist

Students will explore their outdoor surroundings to discover and learn about local flora and fauna. 

Explore the Shore

Create a shoreline scavenger hunt utilizing local identification books for shells, seaweed, birds and other coastal things.

Beach Bingo

Kids will discover their natural surroundings by playing an interactive game of bingo with items that can be found at your beach or shoreline

Salty Ocean

Students will learn why the ocean is salty and visualize why it’s easier to float in seawater than in freshwater.

Beach Sculptures

Using materials and sand found on the beach, kids can create pieces of art

Beach in a Pan

Students construct a beach in a pan and investigate the effects of wind and waves on beach shape

The World is YOUR Oyster

Students will learn about the importance of oysters to estuarine ecosystems and to the community. 

Plastic Beach

Students carry out a beach transect, learning about the prevalence and sources of plastic pollution in the oceans. 

Cloudy Waters

Students create a simple scientific instrument and learn about the role of sediment in their local waters.