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A march made for boaters

 May 2, 2017  | By: Oceana

Join the ocean march, june 4th, new york city, new york harbor

Save the date: June 4th, 2017 a march in New York Harbor to #SaveourOcean!

Join a once in a lifetime gathering of boaters, sailors and friends to show your love for our oceans and waterways at the Ocean March on June 4th. Why? The parade of large and small boats is to make a statement of unity for the ocean prior to the United Nations Ocean Conference on June 5th.

The conference will discuss the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14, which aims to promote conservation and sustainable use of the Ocean. Send them a message by joining the armada of thousands of concerned and caring citizens who have answered the call  to protect our oceans and waterways from pollution and abuse.  

Show your support by participating in the march:

For more details visit: https://www.worldoceanfest.org/the-event/#ocean-march
We highly recommend signing up now to reserve your spot and be notified with more details and updates!

About the World Ocean Festival
The World Ocean Festival is a public event on June 4 timed to support The Ocean Conference at UN Headquarters in New York City (June 5-9), where heads of state, ministers, marine experts, civil society and the business community will gather to discuss the rapidly deteriorating health of the world’s ocean and what needs to be done to save it. They will also commemorate World Ocean Day on June 8.

Join the ocean march, june 4th, new york city, new york harbor