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Clean Regattas reach Mexico!

 May 3, 2013  | By: Oceana

This spring, the first Clean Regatta in Mexico was held at the Vallarta Yacht Club! The 8th edition of the WesMex International Small Boat Regatta achieved bronze level certification. Regatta organizers implemented a few simple changes that helped them run a more environmentally friendly regatta. This included:
  • Increasing trash & recycling bins around the facilities.
  • Encouraged participants to do their registration online.
  • Educated Sailors about Clean Regattas.
  • When printing was necessary they used only recycled paper.
    Simple, homemade trash bins help keep the regattas clean!
  • A Green Team of local student volunteered to collect trash around the perimeter of the Club.
  • Re-used zip lock lunch bags.
  • Provided sailors with refillable water bottles and set up 6 cold water stations around the Club. Preventing the use of 1,583 plastic bottles (600 ml bottles)!

These small steps add up to make a big difference and we are very excited for the expansion of Clean Regattas to Mexico!