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A great method for reusable water bottles on a keelboat

 January 20, 2012  | By: Oceana

Melges 32 team Intac sent us a few photos of their new method for hydrating while at Key West Race Week.

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste on board Intac made the switch to reusable water bottles. They knew a bit of strategy was needed to avoid metal water bottles rolling around the inside of the boat, and quick refilling is important as there is little time between each race. So they purchased 8 bottles, in a different color for each team member to avoid any accidental sharing. They also purchased a water bottle caddy to hold the bottles upright. The caddy makes refilling easy for one person to do, and it holds the bottles upright while sailing. The team has found the system fairly easy to adapt and they are using gallon jugs to refill the bottles. With 8 sailors on board, sailing for 5 days, they are preventing approximately 160 disposable water bottles from entering the waste stream!

Sailors for the Sea is excited to see racing teams adapting Clean Regatta Best Practices to their daily routine, even when not at a Clean Regatta!

Water bottles sitting down below in the Melges 32. They fit perfectly in the fiberglass sections down below.

The water bottles, made by hydroflask, are insulated keeping water cold for up to 24 hours. The water bottle caddy can be purchased through most sports stores, here is a link to the one pictured left. Have you created a method for eliminating single use water bottles on your boat, at your marina, or in your office? Share it with us!