America's Cup World Series achieve Platinum Clean Regatta certification - Sailors for the Sea

America’s Cup World Series achieve Platinum Clean Regatta certification

 February 13, 2013  | By: Oceana

Green Team sorting at recycling station.

Sailors for the Sea is recognizing the America’s Cup World Series San Francisco regattas each with the first-ever Platinum level Clean Regattas certification. These regattas are the first to achieve platinum level certification, which recognizes achieving almost all possible points.

Some innovative highlights that helped the America’s Cup achieve this certification include:

  • Styrofoam (from computer packaging) was donated to Waste to Waves – to make surfboards!
  • Sourced Non-PVC branding materials for signs/banners
  • Providing free local drinking water for spectators
  • Use of of biodiesel and solar for event power
  • Serving only sustainably harvested seafood
  • Compostable service ware at concessions
  • Strong plan to encourage spectators to use bike and public transit
  • Outreach programs promoting marine protection through the America’s Cup Healthy Ocean Project.
  • A 98% landfill diversion rate at the second ACWS San Francisco event last October. Green teams helped separate, trash, composting, and recycling. 9.89 tons of waste was recycle, 3.28 tons composted, and only .27 tons sent to the landfill.

We are very excited to see the progress made by the America’s Cup World Series events in regards to their commitment to Clean Regattas, which started by achieving a Bronze level certification at the first event in Cascais, Portugal. Sailors for the Sea executive director Dan Pingaro notes, “The AC World Series events have been conducted with a high degree of environmental consciousness and attention to minimizing any potential negative impact the events could have on the local ecosystem. Together we have established a strong track record of success that includes action and education.”

For more information, read the full press release.