Highlights from 2013 - Sailors for the Sea

Highlights from 2013

 December 26, 2013  | By: Oceana

1. 170 Clean Regattas certified around the world including 4 Platinum, 116 Gold, 14 Silver, 29 Bronze and 7 participants!

2. The launch of our new, mobile friendly website!

3. 5,000,000 people reached with our televised national education campaign No Trash No Trail No Trace during the America’s Cup!

4. Ten Ocean Watch Essays published covering everything from safe boating around manatees to protecting caribbean reefs.

5. The marine ecology Rainy Day Kits education program was used by children in 27 states, 12 countries, at 124 organizations.

6. People like us  – we’ve got 6,500 Facebook fans, and 10,000 Twitter followers!

7. The launch of Sailors for the Sea Japan’s Blue Seafood Guide!

8. 14 sailing centers affected by Hurricane Sandy were given water filtration systems to reduce their usage of disposable water bottles

9. The 34th America’s Cup was a Sailors for the Sea Certified Platinum Level Clean Regatta and the largest sporting event in the world to eliminate single use disposable water bottles, preventing 70,000 bottles from entering the waste stream.

10. 6 new Clean Boating Resources on our website, that you can use on the go!