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San Diego Yacht Club – Malin Burnham Sailing Center

 November 26, 2011  | By: Oceana

While in San Diego Sailors for the Sea was lucky enough to tour the Malin Burnham Sailing Center at San Diego Yacht Club. The architect, Matt Wells from Hanna Garbriel Wells, took us on a tour around the building and pointed out many of the eco-friendly measures taken that enabled the building to be certified as a LEED Gold building by the U.S. Green Building Council. Check out the slideshow of pictures for details on types of material used to mitigate the buildings impact on the environment.

From the San Diego Union Times: “Green and sustainable elements included solar water heating panels, permeable pavers for storm-water runoff, natural ventilation, low-flow plumbing fixtures and energy-efficient heating, air conditioning and lighting systems.”

The sailing center was built in 2010 and hosted the 2011Etchell’s Worlds that was certified as a Clean Regatta at the Gold Level. We believe it is the only LEED certified building that functions as a sailing center. (Please share if you have heard of another!)

Although this project required great resources, the inspiration can be taken to any club; perhaps rain barrels could catch rainwater from your gutters to water the grounds. Please share any ideas this may inspire for your home, marina or sailing center!