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5 Reasons We Love Teachers

 May 3, 2016  | By: Oceana

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to thank educators for the difference they make in each child’s life. Below are just a few of the many reasons teachers are amazing! And we couldn’t help but notice they have a lot in common with boaters!

1. Adaptable
Just as a sailor adjusts to different weather conditions, a teacher can change a lesson or an entire class in a moment’s notice! They also show off this impressive skill by being able to use different teaching methods to suit each of their students’ needs.  

2. Resourceful
No budget, limited supplies and time, but teachers make it work! It’s like being out on the open water and something breaks – you can only use what you have on the boat to fix the problem.

3. Organized
Do you remember all of the homework assignments, papers and reports you did for school? Saying a teacher is organized is an understatement. Some even plan their lessons an entire year in advance! Sounds like a sailor getting ready for a long cruise!

4. Creative
Teachers are constantly creating activities, projects and new ways to engage every student. And it seems like boaters are always on the cutting edge of technology, designing sleeker, faster and more extreme watercraft.

5. Empowering
The knowledge and skills educators teach their students in and out of the classroom will impact them for the rest of their lives. Similarly to teachers inspiring children, we hope to empower boaters to take action to make a difference for the waters they love.

Need a way to thank your favorite teacher? We happen to know they are always looking for lesson plans! Send them our FREE marine science activities (Kids Environmental Lesson Plans) and maybe a teacher will be thanking you!