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Sail Green This Weekend

 August 24, 2018  | By: Oceana

Before you head out on your boat for a day or weekend trip, make sure you have these three simple eco-smart items onboard:

1. Brush

Before you go out boating, check your hull for growth and clean with a brush as necessary. A buildup of growth or biofouling on your hull increases friction, slowing your boat down. By regularly maintaining the bottom of your vessel, you can lower your fuel consumption, which means fewer trips to the fuel dock and money saved! To learn more about how biofouling forms on your hull, check out our new Ocean Watch article, A Foray into “Slimology”.

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2. Fuel collar or bib

One of the most common ways we unintentionally pollute our waters, is by spilling fuel while filling up our tanks. You can prevent fuel from sneaking into our waterways by using an absorbent bib or collar to catch drips, and filling your tank slowly to prevent any overflow.

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3. Fishing net

Not only is a net usefully while catching fish, but can also be used if you see debris floating in the water. Plastic pollution is one of the largest threats facing our oceans. As boaters, we can help protect wildlife by collecting floating trash, like balloons and plastic bags, while at sea – every little bit counts!

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To learn about more ways to boat green, download our FREE interactive Green Boating Guide!