Liz Clark - Sailors for the Sea

Liz Clark

Liz Clark sailed south from California in 2005 at 25 years old aboard her 40-ft sailboat, Swell. She has since sailed over 20,000 nautical miles in the Pacific exploring for remote surf, learning from different cultures, seeking truth, living simply from the sea, and raising awareness about environmental issues. She has kept her nomadic ocean lifestyle going through writing, blogging, photography, representing conscious brands, and earning recognition as a surf adventurer, activist, and captain. She hopes to inspire people to live their dreams, and reconnect with nature and our inherent Oneness. In 2018, she released her memoir, Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening. She now lives in Tahiti where she runs a nonprofit organization, A Ti’a Matairea Island Protectors. The best place to follow her is on Instagram at @captainlizclark