T10 North American Championship Regatta Committed to Protecting the Environment - Sailors for the Sea

T10 North American Championship Regatta Committed to Protecting the Environment

Press Release

When planning began for the 2008 T10 North American Championship Regatta (August 22-25) in Chicago, Illinois, Darren Beck, regatta chairman, had two key goals:

  • Attract key sponsors to help underwrite the event’s costs
  • ​Create a slogan for the event.

Beck found the answer to both from the same place, the environment. “It was a really natural fit and my inspiration was really close to home. The Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club had just hosted another national regatta which had pledged to run a ‘Clean Regatta’ under a program developed by Sailors for the Sea a conservation group,” said Beck. After learning more about the program and talking with his mother, Judy Beck, who is the Lake Michigan Team Leader at the U.S. EPA in Chicago, he learned that environmental organizations focused on water quality and conservation on the Great Lakes and elsewhere were very interested in reaching out to the sailing community. Beck noted, “We found we had many friends and joining forces just made sense since we all benefit in so many ways from the Great Lakes. I wanted to inform my fellow sailors about the issues and how their own product choices and behaviors can impact our water quality.”

As a result of the new friendships, the regatta received sponsorships from H2Know, Alliance for the Great Lakes, and Sailors for the Sea. The generosity has been amazing with “green goodie giveaways” as well as financial support. While the US EPA does not sponsor events, they still provided informational literature and a nice environmental atlas for every competitor. An official regatta slogan was never selected, but the message is crystal clear that we all must take action to preserve, protect and enjoy the waters to ensure a living resource for all generations.