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Thank You!

Meet one of the marine animals you are helping protect the Pteropod! (pronounced ter-uh-pod) He may look small, but he is mighty; the size of a pea, pteropods are a key element in the food chain—a snack for everything from krill to salmon to whales.


By pledging to reduce your carbon footprint, you are joining our global community determined to STOP ocean acidification! Our ocean absorbs more carbon dioxide than rainforests—and now it is becoming more acidic, causing sea creatures skeletons to dissolve. (Shhh… don’t scare the pteropod).

NOW is where the work—and the fun starts.  So roll up your sleeves and raise your sails, we are going to change our everyday actions in order to reduce our carbon footprint. But don’t worry – you are not in this alone! Every month we’ll share creative, cool ways for you to start living a low carbon lifestyle.

Your pledge today may seem tiny. But like the Pteropod, you are mighty! Your first action step: Enlist 10 people to take this pledge now!

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