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5 Ways to Boat Green

 June 29, 2018  | By: Oceana

We can all take steps to be environmentally responsible both on and off the water. Before you head out on your boat for a day or weekend trip, check out these simple tips that will help protect our waterways and wildlife.

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1. Get to know your wildlife

Before you go out boating, research animals that may be in the region – knowing what species to look for can help avoid collisions. When viewing wildlife, a good rule of thumb is to remain at least 300 feet away and limit your viewing time to 30 minutes.

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2. Buy local

Imported products are a huge contributor to global carbon emissions. If you’re provisioning for a trip, purchase locally grown and made products – it will lower your carbon footprint and can even save you money. Bonus: try to buy in bulk. Instead of buying a case of water, purchase large jugs and fill your reusable water bottles. Don’t forget to pack reusable bags for carrying your goods!

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3. Fill’er up carefully

Filling up our tanks is the most common way we unintentionally pollute our waters. Proper fueling procedures can help prevent fuel and oil from sneaking into our waterways. Try using an absorbent bib or collar to catch drips, and fill your tank slowly to prevent any overflow.

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4. Use your head

If possible, use a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) with a holding tank to store sewage until it can be transferred ashore to a pumpout facility. If you’re in an area without pumpout facilities, be sure you are more than three miles offshore before you discharge your blackwater – it’s the law in the U.S.

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5. Do moor

When choosing where to settle in for the night, first look for available mooring buoys. If you decide to anchor, check your charts to avoid sensitive habitats including seagrass beds and coral reefs.

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For more ways to boat green, download our full interactive guide!