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5 Ways to Combat Plastic Pollution this Earth Month

 April 12, 2024  | By: Shelley Brown

Earth Month is a time to honor and celebrate our incredible blue planet. As sailors and boaters, we have a unique connection to nature and are able to experience the wonders of our seas. We also witness the devastating threats facing our oceans, including plastic pollution.

This year’s Earth Month theme is Planet vs. Plastics. Did you know that an estimated 33 billion pounds of plastic enters the ocean every year? This is roughly equivalent to dumping two garbage trucks full of plastic into the ocean every minute. Plastics pose a threat to marine ecosystems, wildlife, climate, and even human health. This Earth Month, what better way to show our love for the blue planet than to help tackle the plastic pollution crisis.

How You Can Take Action this Earth Month

1. Go Reusable 

Pack your reusables if you are heading out on the water or attending an event. If you are looking for reusables, visit our store for a variety of options, including a travel utensil kit, an insulated tumbler or reusable bag.  

2. Speak Up 

When you are buying items to pack for a day sail lunch or provision for a longer cruise, you aren’t always given the choice to go plastic-free. Your voice matters. Support polices that reduce plastic production and require companies to phase out unnecessary single-use plastics.  

3. Empower Kids 

We offer 50+ free activities through our KELP (Kids Environmental Lesson Plans) program that are designed to inspire kids to learn about the ocean. With these hands-on activities, you can teach children how to protect our oceans from threats like plastic pollution. 

4. Go Beyond 

If you belong to a club or marina, encourage the facilities to go plastic-free. Our Clean Regattas sustainability certification program provides a wide range of solutions to reduce or eliminate single-use items at your events or clubs.  

5. Celebrate and Share 

Do you have innovative solutions or success stories regarding the plastic pollution problem? Share them with your community. And tag us on social media! Instagram: @sailorsforthesea Facebook: @SailorsfortheSea 

Together, we can create a more sustainable planet.