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Shelley Brown

5 Ways to Combat Plastic Pollution this Earth Month

Plastic in the ocean

Earth Month is a time to honor and celebrate our incredible blue planet. As sailors and boaters, we have a unique connection to nature and are able to experience the wonders of our seas. We also witness the devastating threats facing our oceans, including plastic pollution. This year’s Earth Month theme is Planet vs. Plastics. … Read more

5 Reasons to Sail-abrate 2023

With support from sailors and boaters across the globe, Sailors for the Sea has been able to achieve huge wins for our oceans in 2023. Here are a few highlights: 1. 75,000 Green Boaters stepped up to advocate for our oceans and practice eco-smart habits on the water Being closely connected to our waters, sailors … Read more

5 Reasons to Sail-abrate 2022

50,000 Green Boaters stepped up to advocate for our oceans and practice eco-smart habits on the water Sailors and boaters experience the beauty and magic of our oceans, but they also see firsthand the devastating challenges our seas face, from plastic pollution to overfishing to habitat degradation. Around the world, Green Boaters shared their voice … Read more

Live Like a Whale with Our Marine Science Activities

marine science

Roaming throughout all the world’s oceans, whales are the largest animals on Earth. As marine mammals, whales are warm-blooded and must regularly surface to breathe air. These majestic creatures are also very social and use a variety of noises to communicate with each other. Through our Kids Environmental Lesson Plans, also known as KELP, kids … Read more

5 Reasons to Sail-abrate 2021

With support from sailors and boaters across the globe, we’ve been able to achieve huge wins for our oceans in 2021. Here are a few highlights: 1. Our Clean Regattas program celebrated 15 years of success in sustainability Since the summer of 2006, more than 2,800 events and 750,000 sailors in 35 US states and … Read more

Caribbean Regatta Overcomes Pandemic Challenges with Innovative Racing Format


Sailors from around the world were looking forward to the warm weather, strong trade winds, and competitive sailing as part of the 2021 Caribbean racing circuit. However, the COVID-19 pandemic again thwarted the hopes of many sailors. Each Caribbean island nation has its own travel limitations, quarantine protocols and safety regulations to protect their respective … Read more

Clean Your Boat with Items from the Kitchen

Cleaning products are necessary for dissolving and removing dirt, grime, allergens and germs. However, most cleaning products are not made to be directly released into our waterways. Ingredients in certain cleaners can damage fish tissues or persist in the environment and enter the food chain. Some products also contain phosphorous and nitrogen, which can put excess nutrients into the water causing algal blooms which can be harmful to coral reefs and coastal ecosystems. Instead, many cleaning products are created to go through wastewater treatment facilities, where the … Read more

Prop Scarring: Don’t Leave Your Mark in the Seagrass


Beneath your hull is an underwater world full of beautiful, crucial ecosystems, including seagrass meadows. Generally growing in shallow coastal waterways, seagrasses are found across the globe from the tropics to the Arctic. Healthy seagrass beds have a wide range of positive impacts for our waterways. The dense underwater meadows provide spawning and nursery habitats, areas of refuge, and feeding grounds for many fish and invertebrates. Marine animals, including green sea … Read more

Build an Eco-friendly Snow Globe to Mimic Coral Spawning

coral spawning

Once a year, an underwater blizzard with billions of colorful flakes occurs in coral reef ecosystems. This natural phenomenon is called coral spawning. Corals are essential to our oceans, but they can’t move around the seafloor to find mates. Instead hard corals reproduce by releasing their eggs and sperm into the water.  Based on cues from the lunar cycle and … Read more