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5 Reasons to Sail-abrate 2022

 December 15, 2022  | By: Shelley Brown

  • 50,000 Green Boaters stepped up to advocate for our oceans and practice eco-smart habits on the water
  • Sailors and boaters experience the beauty and magic of our oceans, but they also see firsthand the devastating challenges our seas face, from plastic pollution to overfishing to habitat degradation. Around the world, Green Boaters shared their voice by supporting policies that would reduce the production of single-use plastics, save endangered marine wildlife and protect sensitive marine habitats. This year, we also released a new edition of the Green Boating Guide to provide sailors and boaters with the latest research and practical, actionable steps to enjoy their time on the water in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • A record number of Clean Regattas achieved Platinum Level status
  • Since 2006, more than 3,350 events and 850,000 sailors in 35 US states and 49 countries have helped protect our oceans and waterways by participating in Clean Regattas. The growth and success of the Clean Regattas program is due to the dedication of Clean Regatta organizers who continuously bring sustainability to the forefront of their events. Thus far in 2022, a record 17 Clean Regattas in nine countries achieved Platinum Level status, the highest level of sustainability certification, with a few more aiming to be certified. The Clean Regattas program continues to share innovative and effective ways to make a lasting impact on the environment.

  • 45,000 children discovered the ocean through our KELP activities
  • Our KELP (Kids Environmental Lesson Plans) library currently consists of more than 50 marine science activities to inspire the next generation to protect our oceans. More than 45,000 children around the world learned about plastic pollution, climate change and invasive species. Our 20 instructional videos, which highlight our most popular KELP activities have been viewed 64,000 times. The instructional videos provide teachers, parents, and kids helpful guidance on how to carry out the lesson.

  • Sailors for the Sea Skippers shared eco-smart tips in our Green Boating video series
  • Located across the United States and Canada, Sailors for the Sea Skippers are conservation leaders in their local sailing communities who are working on projects that will help restore the health of our oceans, including being featured in our Green Boating video series. From provisioning your boat to buying reef-safe sunscreen to proper anchoring techniques, our Skippers shared advice on how boaters can take simple steps to protect our oceans and waterways. Check out the full video series.

  • Launched our Sailors for the Sea Online Store
  • Looking for a gift for a sailor or boater in your life? Visit our recently launched Sailors for the Sea store with a variety of gear and apparel. These gifts support our programs and efforts to save endangered marine wildlife, protect ocean habitats, and stop ocean pollution.