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Top 9 quotes from Captain Peter Willcox

Captain Peter Willcox of Greenpeace with the Rainbow Warrior.

Captain Peter Willcox has sailed over 400,000 miles – admirable for any mariner, but his story has even more crazy stories, because he’s logged all of those miles while standing up for the environment – and the humans and animals that depend on a healthy planet. If your looking for a good summer read, check … Read more

Rule 55

North Sails Stop Tabs

The sail tie debate

Gift Green


Eco-conscious gifts for the sailor in your life

Green shopping trip!

Puma cardboard hangers

Take a look at some of the innovate waste reduction best practices implemented at the America’s Cup souvenir stores.

Who sorts your trash?

Recycling sign at America's Cup Park

The 34th America’s Cup is not your average regatta, and the commitment of zero waste requires some extra work.

Regatta report

Tim Healy 2013 j24 worlds

Sailors for the Sea advocate, Tim Healy won the J24 World Championship in Howth, Ireland!

The Disappearing Plastic Cup

Hydration Station at the America's Cup

The 34th America’s Cup is the largest sporting event to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, so how do thirsty spectators drink water? 

America’s Cup Press Conference

Read about the recent press conference hosted by The America’s Cup Event Authority on sustainability and the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas program.