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Electronic Motor wins marine design award!

 November 14, 2012  | By: Oceana

The 22nd Annual Design Award for the Marine Trade Show Competition recently concluded.  We are very excited to see the overall winner of the awards was an electric motor!

The Torqeedo for the Deep Blue Electronic Outboard premiered this month and is the latest advancement from this innovative company. Torqeedo also offers smaller outboards for dinghies and lightweight boats. They also have solar panels that can charge the engines battery so you do not have to rely on plugging in. This latest engine however could allow larger power boats – such as race committee boats – to make the switch to electric!

Here is what the jury has to say on why this product was the overall winner:

“The Jury believes that the new DEEP BLUE large electric outboard from Torqeedo GmbH is an exceptional example of groundbreaking research and development – one which will bring great benefits to both the users and builders of marine craft. Through substantial financial investment Torqeedo have successfully combined two established yet distinct technologies – the large outboard engine and electric motor – for the first time. In doing so they have created a revolutionary integrated propulsion system that is striking in its styling and highly notable for its innovation. In bringing this truly original product to the marine market, DEEP BLUE’s designers have achieved a first-class package that offers convenience, price worthiness and performance. It also promises to provide a cleaner, quieter and more economical boating experience for many people in the years to come.”
Tell us – would you purchase an electronic motor for your boat?