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Zip 2 Water

 March 9, 2012  | By: Oceana

Zip 2 Water Station

With the move towards using reusable water bottles at sailing events, many regatta organizers are looking for better ways to supply water. There are many creative ways to do this, and many systems to fit with every regattas needs and budget. One innovative design is the Zip 2 Water station, a company based in Washington state. This family team of sailors have created an amazing product that has been used by sailing events, and other sporting  events to supply filtered water to large groups.

These amazing filtration stations:

  • Remove chlorine taste and odor
  • Refill water bottles in just seconds
  • Can have a drinking fountain feature as well
  • Cooling technology keeps water cool even under a hot sun
  • Easy to secure to a fence, or other fixture – and leave locked up for the season
  • Serves up to 500 people per hour
  • No electrical power required
  • A 2 stage filtration to remove particulates as well as chlorine
  • Made in USA

A Zip 2 water station was used at the 2011 ICSA College Nationals with great success.

This water refilling system is ideal for youth summer programs, collegiate sailing and other regattas where people rotate on shore, and at your regatta party rather than handing out bottles of water. If you are sailing at the Columbia Gorge Racing Association, the Seattle Yacht Club, Old Dominion University, Stanford University, or the US Coast Guard Academy, look for their Zip 2 Water stations. Also Zip 2 Water was recently nominated for the 2012 “Innovator” award from the Washington State Recycling Association! 

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